“Klezmer music with soul and feeling/…/…musicians on the highest level. Coupled with soulfulness and a feeling for the origin that brings the concept klezmer to a deeper and almost spiritual dimension /…/ The songs are in Yiddish and Ladino that grew from the Jewish exilculture…  as the music in mixing different cultures. It´s colourful and poetic. Anne Kalmering singing is low key and sensual /…/The expression intimate but intense/…/Very sensitive ensemble playing is in the making. .. but it´ s in the softly, lyrically and wistfully I want to stay”
Östgöta Correspondenten 2009 (Swedish daily paper)

 “… Jewish folksongs from Sephardic and Ashkenazic tradition, colourful and personal interpretated by Anne Kalmering & Stahlhammer Klezmer Classic”
Ingrid Strömdahl, Svenska Dagbladet 2014 (Sweden’s second biggest national daily paper)

 ”…..archaic, sensual and very beautiful.”
Magnus Säll, Lira 2000 (Swedish biggest folk and worldmusic magazine)